Best VPNs For Torrenting

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Best VPNs for torrenting
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Access your favorite Tor sites and apps securely & privately
Fastest VPN, works with all devices
Blocks malware & ads; auto killswitch
Only VPN with dedicated Tor servers
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 Military-grade security, and rock-solid performance
 Use 6 devices at once
Connect to 70+ countries
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Thousands of secure server locations. Easy-to-use apps for all devices.

 Connect to 90+ countries
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One of the most secure VPN services. Ideal for online privacy. No third-party servers used.

 Connect to 60+ countries
7-day money-back guarantee



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Great performance and reliability. Unique apps with first-party DNS servers.

 Connect to 30+ countries
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Great privacy protection with solid speed.

 Connect to 25+ countries
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Top-notch security features. 24/7 live support.

 Connect to 30+ countries
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Extra security features to bypass web censors. NAT firewall.

 Connect to 60+ countries
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Torrenting VPN

Use your favorite sites and apps privately and safely, with no restrictions!

Why Use A VPN For Torrenting?

Why use VPN?

Using a VPN has many benefits. Some of the main reasons to use a VPN while torrenting are:

  • To secure your internet connection and hide your identity.
  • Your favorite Tor sites or apps are blocked by your ISP.
  • To prevent ISP throttling.
  • To prevent copyright watchdogs from tracking your activities.
  • To block malware and annoying ads on websites.

Why Are These The Best VPNs For Torrenting & P2P?

We are constantly testing all the VPN providers we feature on our site. All of the VPNs in the table above have been recently tested as working to deliver maximum privacy and security, as well as unblock torrenting sites and apps.

For a VPN service to be ranked as one of the best VPNs for torrenting, it must stand out in a number of important areas. First, it must deliver the highest level of online security and privacy. Key features like a killswitch, zero logs, DNS leak prevention, and no third-party servers are a must. The VPN must deliver maximum protection while also consistently working at ultra-fast speeds (check out our speed test results below).

In addition, a best torrenting VPN must let users access sites and apps wherever they are restricted by ISPs or other entities. The VPNs above all unblock Tor and P2P platforms from any location.

Speed is another critical factor. VPNs must have super-fast upload and download speeds. Finally, we consider the overall service quality, including customer support, use of multiple devices, compatibility, and ease-of-use.

To learn more about why a VPN has been rated as one of the best VPNs for torrenting, see the summaries below or check out the complete review of the providers you’re interested in.

VPN Speed Test Results

VPN speed test results
NordVPN consistently has the fastest upload and download speeds in independent speed testing.
NordVPN screenshots

NordVPN: 9.8, Excellent

NordVPN comes in as our #1 VPN for torrenting and P2P — time and time again. NordVPN has a full suite of state-of-the-art security and privacy features that are ideal for torrenters. Global access to all Tor sites and apps, and blazing fast upload and download speeds make NordVPN very hard to beat as the best VPN for torrenting. The fact that such a premium service is available at a bargain price only sweetens the deal.

When it comes to security and privacy, NordVPN is unbeaten. The company has spent a lot of time and resources developing its military-grade encryption technology. The NordVPN apps are loaded with all the best security features for torrenters, including an automatic killswitch, and DNS leak resolvers. NordVPN has a strict zero-logs policy, and uses only first-party servers.

NordVPN is the only VPN provider with dedicated Tor servers, plus special Double VPN servers. These offer the highest level of protection for P2P traffic, while delivering impressively fast upload and download speeds.

NordVPN also unblocks torrenting and P2P sites and apps everywhere they are restricted. Malware, trackers, and ads are also blocked on all your devices with NordVPN.

To sum up: If you want to stay hidden, access popular Tor sites, and get the fastest speeds, NordVPN is the best there is. Their steal-of-a-deal price makes the service affordable for everyone.

ExpressVPN: 9.1, Very Good

ExpressVPN is serious about online security and privacy, and is a great choice for torrenters. This provider doesn’t log any data, and has nice apps that offer solid protection online. ExpressVPN is in our #2 spot instead of #1, however, because it lacks some features and performance metrics while costing quite a bit more.

That said, ExpressVPN will hide your identity and secure your connection on your favorite sites and apps. ExpressVPN has excellent upload and download speeds (even if not the very fastest) and lets users access blocked sites around the world.

ExpressVPN screenshots
IPVanish screenshots

IPVanish: 9.0, Very Good

IPVanish is known as one of the most secure VPNs around. It has important features for anyone using torrenting or P2P applications, including a killswitch and a no-logs policy. IPVanish does lose some points, however, for not being as fast as other VPNs. It’s also one of the most difficult VPNs for new users to learn.

IPVanish does deliver a great service for torrenters, however. Performance is excellent while also providing rock-solid encryption. If you’re an experience user, you’ll like the variety of custom settings options to experiment with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Torrenting sites are blocked by my ISP. Will using a VPN unblock them?

Yes. Many Internet Service Providers around the world are starting to block customers from accessing popular torrenting sites. With a VPN, you bypass your ISP’s servers and use your VPN provider’s secure servers instead. Your location and identity are hidden, and your connection secured with unbreakable encryption. You can then instantly access any Tor site or app from any location. All of the best VPNs for torrenting above have been tested and are working with popular Tor sites and apps.

Will VPN stop trackers?

Yes. Many files shared using Tor or P2P have trackers in them. When you access these files, your identity is revealed and you can be fined or even sued if the material is copyrighted. Using a VPN keeps you anonymous and secure, so trackers can’t find you. The best VPNs for torrenting we recommend above all provide superior privacy protection to prevent trackers from seeing your personal information.