Hide.me Review

Hide.me Review
8.4 Total Score

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  • UK server speeds dazzle
  • Easy-to-use apps
  • Great advanced features, including a killswitch


Based in Malaysia, Hide.me is a VPN with good overall value. For starters, Hide.me has strong privacy features, including a completely zero-log policy and other advanced privacy features. VPN speed is always an important consideration for streamers, and Hide.me offers speeds that vary from being blazing fast in a few select locations to merely adequate in others. Fortunately, speeds never fall below this ‘merely adequate’ threshold. In the UK, for example, speeds are fantastic, with measurements of at least 80Mbps down and 100Mbps up. Its VPN speed measurements in South America are quite impressive as well. For now, the Hide.me server network is relatively small, but they are building that up by gradually adding countries. Hide.me apps, though not visually exciting, are very easy to use with good functionality. Streaming works well, but Netflix is blocked, a definite downside for some users. Hide.me is also known for its prompt and courteous customer service.

8.4 Total Score

Fast streaming speeds with UK servers and great customer service and privacy features. Server selection to unblock content is relatively small, however, and Netflix is blocked.

Speed & Performance
Unblock Content
Security & Privacy
Server Locations
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Value For Money
  • UK server speeds dazzle
  • Easy-to-use apps
  • Great advanced features, including a killswitch
  • Doesn't work to unblock Netflix
  • Limited server choices; none in China
  • Basic packages have data caps

Speed & Performance: 9.0

If we were just looking at UK service, Hide.me would definitely get a perfect 10. Its upload and download speeds simply blow away the rivals for UK customers — especially gamers and torrenters, since uploads were even faster than downloads. Users in other parts of the globe see nothing like those speed records, however. Most of the speeds outside the UK were simply adequate, but not outstanding. US servers were fast enough for HD video streaming, but still disappointing overall. Mexico and Brazil performed better. Connection speed was great on all of the Hide.me server networks.

Unblock Content: 8.4

Hide.me works well for gaming, torrenting, BBC iPlayer, Google/Gmail, Kodi, HBO, Facebook, and Twitter. Netflix blocks Hide.me, however, which is a major detractor for streamers. The somewhat limited server locations may also displease some users looking to unblock content in more obscure countries.

Security & Privacy: 9.8

Privacy policies and protocols are where Hide.me really shines. Incorporated in Malaysia, it’s not subject to US or EU regulations. Hide.me is strictly zero-log, creating only temporary logs of very basic connection data during a session, which are deleted immediately after you log out. Since the Plus package has a data cap, it does need to make basic data usage logs for Plus customers, but even these are deleted hourly. The Hide.me privacy features are advanced and numerous, and include DNS leak blocking, DNS server options, killswitch, port selection, and randomization. Hide.me is simply one of the best VPNs for privacy that we’ve seen.

Server Locations: 6.5

Server location choices are quite limited for Hide.me users compared to some competitors. You are usually unable to choose a specific city for your server usage, and far-flung exotic locations are not covered at all. Most of the more populated areas are covered, though, and new servers are being added regularly, with India and Norway recently joining the Hide.me network. In the US, there are servers in several cities, but user choice is limited to east coast or west coast. Each covered city has between 4 and 8 servers, and each server has between 4 and 8 shared IP addresses.

Ease Of Use: 8.5

Hide.me apps are well designed, supremely functional, and very responsive with fast connection times. Even a beginner can easily and quickly grasp and use the desktop connect button and adjacent dropdown location menu, without distracting maps or graphics. We love the tabs for settings that include helpful tips explaining less-obvious features. It’s very easy to turn advanced privacy features off and on, or to switch between protocols, and the privacy policy is written in easy-to-understand language.

Android and iOS mobile users will find very similar, stripped-down apps easy to use but without advanced features or much information available. While we consider it a benefit that Hide.me does not log connection metadata, it comes with a negative: unless you get the most expensive plan, Hide.me does not permit multiple simultaneous connections, and separate log-ins are required.


  • Clear, simple main view
  • Helpful tips explain advanced settings
  • App is very responsive & easy to use


  • Mobile apps are a bit too basic
  • Separate accounts required for simultaneous connections

Customer Support: 8.1

We found customer support to be clear and up-front across the board. Hide.me has a huge knowledge base, good video tutorials, and multiple screenshots for troubleshooting. Stellar organization makes it easy to find what you need, without a glitzy layout. Live chat gives straight answers in a friendly manner, with great response time. Email was somewhat slower, but still reasonable for the industry.

Value For Money: 7.8

Hide.me offers a good value for your money. But NordVPN, our #1 rated provider, delivers a better service at a lower price.


  • Privacy options are advanced & numerous
  • Support for manual set-up on a wide range of devices
  • Speed on UK servers is phenomenal


  • Data caps on cheaper plans
  • Pricey premium plan
  • Lack of auto options for protocol selection

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