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Here’s how to keep your ISP from blocking Kodi — so you can enjoy more Kodi TV.

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The latest move in the war on Kodi streaming is for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block Kodi amongst their customers. Paying subscribers shouldn’t get blocked by their ISP for using certain websites. However, more and more ISPs in the US, Canada, UK and elsewhere are doing just that. If your ISP is blocking Kodi, here’s how to unblock it and get access to all your favorite Kodi TV.

Is My ISP Blocking Kodi?

If you’ve noticed a lack of links available in certain Kodi add-ons, or an absence of streams to watch, then your ISP is likely blocking access. ISPs can do this because Kodi add-ons don’t host any content. To provide content to you, the Kodi user, add-ons act like search engines on the public internet, finding and presenting links to TV streams.

ISPs target the websites these streams come from, and block Kodi add-ons from delivering the streams to you. The result is that when you open up Kodi and go to your favorite add-ons, you see very few or zero available streams.

Which ISPs Block Kodi?

More and more ISPs are blocking Kodi every day. UK ISPs are especially guilty. BT is blocking Kodi by preventing or restricting access. Sky is blocking Kodi to an even greater degree. Plusnet is blocking sites used by many Kodi add-ons. And others including Vodafone, Uno, O2, and TalkTalk are all blocking Kodi to some extent.

US ISPs generally block Kodi less aggressively right now — but the situation is worsening. The ISP Spectrum blocks Kodi for numerous customers already, and more will follow suit.

How To Stop ISPs From Blocking Kodi

As a paying ISP customer, it’s frustrating to get blocked on Kodi. But thankfully there’s an easy way to unblock Kodi.

The simplest and most reliable way to stop any ISP from blocking Kodi is to use a VPN. VPN works to prevent ISPs in the US, UK and elsewhere from blocking Kodi and all add-ons — so you can access every stream.

The best VPN for Kodi is NordVPN, based on extensive testing and performance reviews. NordVPN works to unblock Kodi with BT, Sky, Plusnet, Spectrum, and all the other major ISPs. NordVPN also has the fastest streaming speeds and will keep you 100% secure and anonymous on Kodi.

Just follow these 3 easy steps to prevent your ISP from blocking Kodi:

    1. Sign up for NordVPN, the best ISP blocker for users in the US, UK and around the world.
    2. Download the NordVPN app for the devices you want to use (you can use up to 6 devices at once).
    3. Open the NordVPN app, connect to a NordVPN server, then fire up Kodi. You’ll have instant access to all Kodi streams and add-ons. Your ISP won’t be able to block you, spy on you, or throttle your connection.

Using a VPN with Kodi has other benefits as well:

  • Secure your connection against hackers and scammers
  • Prevent spies and snoops from seeing your personal information
  • Keep you anonymous
  • Unblock geo-restricted Kodi add-ons

Plus, a VPN will let you unblock websites of all kinds across the internet.

How Does VPN Work To Make My ISP Unblock Kodi?

Normally, when you connect to the internet, your connection is routed through your ISP’s servers. But, when you use a VPN, your connection does not go through your ISP’s servers. Instead, it goes through your VPN provider’s servers. You therefore bypass your ISP altogether — making it impossible for them to block access to any Kodi add-ons or streams.

More Tips For UK ISPs Blocking Kodi

If you’re a BT customer, make sure your parental controls are turned off or set on the least restrictive setting. If you use Sky, know that Sky Shield and Kodi don’t play well together. Be sure to disable your Sky Shield settings so Sky will stop playing gatekeeper for the sites you can access.

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How To Set Up And Use A VPN With Kodi

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