PureVPN Review


$2.80 $10.95

PureVPN Review
PureVPN Review
$2.80 $10.95
Works well with Netflix
Lots of servers
Best servers can be very fast
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PureVPN, established in Hong Kong is 2006, offers a very affordable 12-month plan with an impressive range of servers located around the globe. Beyond the reach of EU and US regulations, PureVPN works well with Netflix and most other streaming services. PureVPN is a decent option for cost-conscious consumers and provides some great app features. However, we noticed inconsistencies in performance. Additionally, PureVPN’s privacy protocols and procedures leave something to be desired. If maximum privacy is a top priority, you will want to look elsewhere, such as NordVPN.

7.1 Total Score

PureVPN is a decent option for cost-conscious consumers, and it provides some great app features. However, we noticed inconsistencies in performance, and PureVPN’s privacy protocols leave something to be desired.

Speed & Performance
Unblock Content
Security & Privacy
Server Locations
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Value For Money
  • Works well with Netflix
  • Lots of servers
  • Best servers can be very fast
  • Auto mode frequently defaults to less secure protocols
  • Unable to connect via OpenVPN protocols in our tests
  • Speeds are very inconsistent

Speed & Performance: 7.1

PureVPN’s speeds are extremely inconsistent, ranging randomly from lightning fast to maddeningly slow, although usually fast enough for basic streaming. It may work fine in your chosen location—or it may not.

Unblock Content: 8.0

PureVPN works with such popular sites and services as Google-Gmail, Netflix, Kodi, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. However, some streaming servers are blocked or inconsistent.

Security & Privacy: 3.0

Since PureVPN defaults to PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols are not available through the app, we can’t recommend PureVPN to users more concerned about privacy. However, if you just want to use public Wi-Fi more securely, it works fine. PureVPN does use a wide set of privacy features, including killswitch, split tunneling, encryption options, IPv6 leak protection, and secure DNS. We were eventually able to connect via TCP, but not UDP, by using some extremely manual configuration manipulations of the open-source OpenVPN client. You can also manually select L2tP/IPSec and SSTP, but they did not perform well. Its manual stealth option is unstable, leading to dropouts.

Our privacy concerns were highlighted by an October 2017 online harassment case brought by Ryan Lin, which revealed that PureVPN has been lying to consumers regarding metadata collection. The FBI was able to match the IP address of a PureVPN server used in a crime with the IP address belonging to Lin. It turns out that PureVPN was logging its customers’ IP addresses, even though PureVPN specifically states that it logged only connection times and bandwidth. Even as we write this review, a visit to the PureVPN website makes the following, clearly false claim:

“Zero Logging Of Your Activities. We practice Zero Log policy that means we do not record your activities or what you do online. Our commitment to preserve your online privacy is second to none. We do NOT keep any logs that can identify or help in monitoring a user’s activity.”

Server Locations: 9.5

Location selection is a definite strength for PureVPN. It offers a great range of server locations, including 35 in North America (with 14 in the US), and 47 across Europe. Asia is also well covered, featuring two servers in China with reasonably fast speeds. Popular locations have city choices available, and the app identifies the host city for all servers.

Ease Of Use: 8.2

The PureVPN app allows you to choose a purpose for your usage and customize your dashboard for streaming, internet freedom, security, file sharing, or dedicated IP—a great feature. This also extends to server choice, allowing you to group servers you use under headings of your choice, for, say, faster streaming or optimization for a certain location.

Unfortunately, we found the actual performance to be inconsistent. The desktop interface is clunky to use, with obvious time lags after input, and some promised server purposes just did not work for us, with failing or dropped connections. We could not connect with the OpenVPN protocols TCP or UDP, and their own Stealth VPN was unstable. Auto mode worked better, but uses the less desirable PPTP.

The mobile app was confusing to use at first, and less compatible with a wide range of streaming services, some of which it detected as a proxy and blocked. Advanced settings include killswitch and split tunneling.


  • Customized dashboards and server groupings based on intended activity
  • Easy and reliable auto mode
  • Well-organized advanced options


  • Clunky desktop interface
  • Some streaming servers blocked
  • Unable to connect to OpenVPN

Customer Support: 6.0

Numerous online complaints about PureVPN’s customer support indicates that this departments just does not have the knowledge required to properly engage with customers to meet their needs. Although email responses were very fast, they were simply scripted links to FAQs—not very useful for users who have already tried that route before sending the email. Prompt live chat is available, but just not very good at helping with specific problems and issues. They can help new users get started with the product, but that’s about it. The website information is comprehensive, but not particularly well-written.

Value For Money: 8.2


  • Great price for the 12-month plan
  • Plenty of privacy features and user settings
  • Netflix works well on desktop


  • OpenVPN protocols did not work in our tests
  • Inconsistent speeds and app performance
  • Poor customer support
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$2.80 $10.95


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