How To Unblock US Netflix Everywhere — Best For 2020

Here’s how to unblock US Netflix from anywhere in the world, so you can get access to tons of shows and movies.

Unblock US Netflix from anywhere

See how to unblock US Netflix from anywhere in the world.

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Netflix is packed with great stuff to stream. But if you’re outside the US, you won’t be able to get access to US Netflix — that is, unless you use a simple workaround. Here’s how to unblock US Netflix from anywhere in the world, so you can enjoy a whole lot more TV shows and movies.

How To Unblock US Netflix

A few years ago, you could use a simple web proxy to unblock US Netflix. But no more. Netflix has really stepped up its blocking efforts, and you’ll now see a Netflix proxy error if you try to use it via proxy.

Today, the only way to unblock US Netflix is with a VPN. Even so, not all VPNs work to unblock Netflix US, or versions in other regions. So you’ll want to do your homework before choosing a VPN. We are constantly testing VPNs to check that they work to unblock Netflix and give the best performance, so check out our list of the best VPNs for Netflix for what we’ve already vetted.

Best VPNs To Unblock Netflix Features
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Just follow these 3 simple steps to unblock US Netflix:

    1. Sign up for one of the top Netflix VPNs in the table above. We’ve had the best performance using NordVPN to unblock Netflix. NordVPN consistently delivers ultra-fast speeds with Netflix, and works to unblock Netflix in the US, as well as other regions around the world, no matter where you’re located. (With other VPNs, you can only unblock some Netflix regions, and the connection is too slow for enjoyable streaming.)
    2. Download the VPN app for the device(s) you want to use to watch Netflix. (With NordVPN, you can use up to 6 devices at once with a single subscription.)
    3. Connect to a server in the US, then sign into your Netflix account. You’ll immediately see the US version of Netflix and can start enjoying tons of great shows and movies.

Plus, there are other benefits to using a VPN:

  • Encrypt your internet connection against scammers and hackers
  • Prevent snoops and spies from seeing your personal information
  • Keep your ISP from throttling your connection while you stream Netflix
  • Stay anonymous and private on all your web-connected devices
  • Block annoying ads, dangerous malware, and phishing scams

Plus, with a VPN you can unblock TV sites all across the internet, like Hulu and Amazon Video.

Why Unblock US Netflix?

Unblock US Netflix abroad

The main reason to unblock Netflix USA is to dramatically expand your Netflix library if you’re outside the US. See, Netflix treats customers differently depending on what country you’re in. Subscribers in different countries get access to different shows and movies on Netflix. For example, people in Canada see one set of Netflix titles, while people in the US see a different library when they sign into Netflix.

Some Netflix versions have more titles than others. Netflix US has the most — and the most popular — shows and movies available. So if you’re not in the US, then you need to unblock US Netflix to get access.

Another reason to unblock US Netflix is if you live in the states but are traveling abroad. In this case, you need to unblock US Netflix in order to get access to the library of titles you usually see while at home. Otherwise, when you log into Netflix, you’ll see the version local to whatever country you’re in. Depending on where that is, the selection may be a bit sub-par.

Can I Unblock Netflix In Regions Besides The US?

Yes. The good Netflix VPNs (like the ones we recommend) work to unblock Netflix in all regions around the world — including unblocking Netflix Canada, Netflix UK, and Netherlands Netflix, among others. What that means for you is a huge new selection of shows and movies to stream — all for your same Netflix subscription fee.

Switching between regions is easy. Just use your VPN to connect to a server in the same country and the Netflix version you want to watch. So when you want to stream Netflix Canada, connect to a server in Canada. To unblock Netflix UK, connect to a server in the UK, and so on.

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