Premium VPN Service

Faster, More Secure, 100% Private

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Premium VPN Service

Need to be SURE your connection is private and secure? Looking for better performance or faster speeds? We've partnered with NordVPN to bring a premium VPN service to our users who want extra protection or a smoother experience. With NordVPN, you get the fastest speeds possible on the internet today, while military-grade encryption keeps you 100% safe and anonymous. Plus, NordVPN doesn't just make you invisible online -- it also blocks malware, spyware, and annoying ads.

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Full Compatibility

With NordVPN, you no longer have to worry if your favorite websites are compatible with a web proxy. NordVPN's top-tier service lets you access EVERY site on the internet with no restrictions or hassles. Sites look and perform exactly the way they usually do. Plus, you can use NordVPN on any device (up to 6 devices at once).

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Enhanced Security

Web proxies are great, but they can only do so much to protect you. With NordVPN, you get unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption. That's the same level of online security the government, banks, and other global institutions use to stay secure. Since NordVPN encrypts your connection before it even leaves your device, it blocks 100% of spies, hackers, and anyone else who may be watching you.


1 Month Plan$11.95per month


1 Year Plan$6.99per month


2 Year Plan$3.49per month