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We are committed to internet freedom for all! Every day, we help thousands of visitors get around restrictions on websites. We test, rate, and review the best VPN services to help you bypass censors online and use the web safely and privately.

VPN Ratings & Reviews

We conduct thorough, unbiased VPN reviews. Some VPN review sites give better reviews based on how much they get paid if you purchase a VPN through their site. At Instant Unblock, we don’t let commercial factors influence our reviews. The VPNs that perform the best are the ones we feature on our site, period. That’s why you’ll often see us give the best ratings to lower-cost VPNs that beat their higher-priced competitors.

VPN Testing

We don’t cut corners and take someone else’s word for how well a VPN works. We conduct regular, hands-on tests to make sure the VPNs we’re recommending are those that give the best performance. We test VPNs on a wide range of criteria that are important to customers, including speed, privacy, how well it works on mobile, global content access, and more. We are constantly updating our reviews and ratings with the latest test results.

Help & How-To

We love helping visitors to get around geo-blocks and censors on websites. We provide simple, step-by-step instructions to guide you through how to unblock your favorite sites, bypass that firewall at work, or secure your connection when you use the web. We love feedback and invite you to send us any comments.

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