Why A VPN Is Better Than A Web Proxy For Unblocking Websites

Looking for the best way to unblock websites from any location? A web proxy might help, but proxies tend to be slower, more unreliable, and more vulnerable to hackers and malware. A VPN is a better option. Here’s why a VPN is better than a web proxy.

Unblock websites with a VPN

Getting blocked from your favorite websites or apps is quite frustrating. But trying to use a free web proxy may only add to your frustration. The reason is that web proxies tend to be rather slow and unreliable. Plus, even though web proxies are more private and secure than a direct connection, they’re still vulnerable to hackers and malware. Proxies can therefore put your personal information at risk. Thankfully, using an online proxy isn’t the only way to unblock websites. Another option is to use a VPN. A VPN is better than a web proxy for several different reasons.

A VPN Is More Reliable

First, only a VPN is advanced enough to unblock all websites and apps around the web, regardless of where you’re located. Web proxies, on the other hand, just aren’t very advanced. They will let you unblock websites to some extent, but most of the popular sites can’t be unblocked with a proxy. For example, you can only unblock US Netflix with a VPN (see the best Netflix VPNs). You also need to use a VPN to unblock TV sites and apps (check out the best VPNs for streaming and the best VPNs for sports).

A VPN Is Faster

Second, a good VPN is extremely fast, so you’ll be able to stream videos and play games without slowing your connection. The same cannot be said for proxies. Proxies just can’t handle the traffic. Plus, even if you have a good proxy, it won’t last. A good proxy will just attract too many users, and before you know it that good proxy is just another useless, unreliable and infected proxy.

Also, have you ever noticed that your internet connection suddenly gets really slow when you’re trying to watch Netflix? This is your ISP (internet service provider) throttling your connection. Using a VPN prevents ISP throttling. A proxy isn’t going to help you with throttling, either.  [Please note: Even some VPNs will slow your connection and frustrate you to no end — so do your research and choose carefully — or stick with what we’ve already tested and recommend.]

VPNs Offer Security and Privacy

In addition, VPNs provide online security and privacy that proxies don’t. In fact, many free proxies are known for manipulating their users by injecting spyware or advertisements into their sessions. You may not even realize how much your activity is monitored online, and how much websites track you. Facebook’s entire business model for example, depends on tracking you.

We use Glype Proxies, which are considered the best free proxies. But even so, no free proxy will encrypt your internet surfing. If your surfing isn’t encrypted, you are vulnerable bad actors no matter how reputable the proxy service. It’s just a fact of life on the internet these days.

But with a VPN, your entire connection is heavily encrypted and your identity is completely hidden. This prevents all kinds of snoops, spies, and other agents (including your ISP or government) from seeing who you are and what you’re doing. You may not think you need protection on the internet, but that belief will get you into trouble. Don’t find out the hard way that you needed a VPN.

How to use a VPN to unblock websites

Getting blocked by your favorite sites is frustrating, inconvenient, and just plain annoying. Even as the internet has become more accessible to more people around the world, the problem of website blocks is getting worse. Whether it’s the sites themselves, your internet service provider, or your school or work, online restrictions are a pain. The good news — there’s an easy, reliable way to instantly unblock any website, from any location. All it takes is a quality VPN, like our favorite: NordVPN.

Unblock Websites With A VPN In 3 Easy Steps

Using a VPN to unblock sites is extremely easy. Even if you’ve never used a VPN before you can start using the internet freely in only a few minutes. Here’s what to do.

Follow these 3 simple steps to unblock websites with a VPN:

    1. Sign up for a quality VPN, like one of those below.
    2. Download the VPN app for your devices.
    3. Connect to a server, then visit your favorite sites. You’ll get instant access to every site across the internet, from any location. It’s that simple.
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